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27 Jul, 2014

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Islanded is a Survival Nature Sandbox game, based in the interaction with the nature to survive. Use animals to explore, find food and fight while searching for resources to build in a huge open world with total freedom. In an hostile environment nature and animals can be your enemy or your only ally. Get abilities to control animals in the world to fly, run or swim. Explore unknown terrain without risk. Travel acrros the Islands to find the best place to stablish your settlement. Build in different locations and transport resources with basic engineering. Because nature is not always the answer.


Islanded was born on 2012 with the name of Awkwood Island. The idea behind Islanded become after the release of DayZ as a mod for Arma II. The project began as a way to have a purely survival game without requiring weapons or a zombie apocalypse to occur for you to be forced to survive. The idea was clear, although by that time the game was impossible. Not only because the difficulty of editors and the little help to Indie sector also by the fact that the development computer and skills did not exist. The project was paused for 2 years until early 2014 finally took off. It was published in IndieDB as "Islanded" with a very simple prototype and nothing like the current game. In just a few months and several versions, Islanded reached Alpha version and was released for free on Desura 27 July 2014. Today, Islanded has over 40,000 views and 5000 downloads at Desura (Data September 2014). The game is still in active development with only one developer behind everything.


  • Huge Persistent World: Explore and modify permanently a massive world including 3 unique Islands in a playable space of 225km2.
  • Full Real Time Experience: With full 35 minutes real time day/night cycle, date system and moon phase, every new day the sun slightly modifies his position and the moonlight increase and decrease depending the actual moon phase.
  • Permanent Interact: Any tree or resource is not infinite. Modify permanently the world to obtain valuable resources, that at the same time shortens your survival.
  • Innovative Survival: Stay in the real world. Learn to interact with your surroundings and adapt your life style to real hazards.
  • Dynamic Weather System: Fight against random storms or cold nights. Weather and temperature vary and affect your health and capabilities.
  • Animal Interact: Use your time spend in the island to upgrade your abilities that affect directly in the communication and abilities of every animal you can control.
  • Deep Create and Build System: Create resources, tools and blueprints to build small shelters or big buildings. Combine different styles, materials and colors to create awesome buildings.
  • Basic engineering: Create basic engineering to transport resources between to parts of the island, create traps or cultivate plants automatically.
  • Single Player, Coop and Multiplayer: Survive alone, with friends or end in a fight for the island with other players.


Islanded - Beta Trailer YouTube

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